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Show - Bakumatsu Rock


Artist - Ultra-Souls 

"When I got to high school, I intensified my training even further, so that I could make my own dream come true. I continued my brutal training day after day.”

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- Tiger & Bunny
I love Yuri so much I had to make gif with him bigger :D

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This Kagami audio is kind of nsfw so headphones on boys and girls!
Besides you miss the high quality of this 3D audio without headphones.

I don’t have translation for this audio, but for what I understood you’re getting punished by kisses, gropes and bite marks; he’s for example wondering where on your body he should kiss/mark you next and urges you to show how you feel. In yandere way of course - you can only have him in your mind. 

This is from yandere drama CD “Yanero Ai suru ga Yue ni Vol 02”

I can’t fucking believe this. Don’t fucking touch me.

everyone in the Kurobas fandom, probably. (via moonflames)